Recovery Step 4 – Reflection

I have to keep remembering what we had, even if remembering makes me a little sad. Life was so much simpler then…when we first fell in love ❤″&gt
Van Morrison ~ Crazy Love ♥ (1970) lyrics



I don’t know what was harder…dealing with my husband’s betrayal, or dealing with my illness. The only person I was more disapointed in other than my husband, was myself.Having to look myself in the mirror and come to grips with who I really was heart-breaking. Looking into my husband’s eyes was heart-breaking…they were either filled with sadness, which made me weep for him; him; or they were filled with contentment, which enraged me. He should be suffering as much as me.

It was a long, dark hole I had to crawl out of that summer…but I did crawl out…and my husband was there with an out-reached hand…and it was brighter on the other side.



~ by imasurvivor2013 on April 10, 2013.

One Response to “Recovery Step 4 – Reflection”

  1. We all need those inspirational moments/words in life.I know I do.

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